With Hands Open Wide

You have arrived my One Love Jesus, Prince of Peace, Morning Light shining in my heart…..


Christmas arrived, coming upon me suddenly….all of those weeks of praying and hoping and longing…..

You are here my One Love Jesus, Grace and Gift always…and now,

Are You gone already…?

Like my children that are gone…..back to their own families, and concerns…

Did Mary feel this way….the loneliness of waiting for Your birth…..the longing…., and then the great arrival of her Son…

Only to have to let You go, moments after You were born,

For this is why the Yes of Mary was uttered to the Angel from the beginning…

And my YES to You, my One Love Jesus, Grace, Gift, Savior and Joy always….

Receiving the Gift of my children…with so much Joy….
And, from the moment conceived as gift, opening my hands wide to You…and letting them go…..

Knowing in my heart that they are gift, not possessions….

Longing for them for so long, only to have to forever long for them again and again, as they grow and move on….

As I long for You…, my One Love Jesus , Healer, Grace, Gift and JOY always…
From the moment Christmas
arrives and the waiting and wanting begins
again….with overwhelming intensity……..

And the loneliness and heart wrenching pain of missing the children….their momentary attention…then movement onward to their own concerns and cares….

Do I do that with You, my One Lord Jesus….?


I do….I need You, then move on to what seems like a better, momentary offer……

Perhaps that is why mothers are allowed to suffer so deeply…..loss…longing…

To never loose sight of longing for You….even while holding You, as we hold our children….

Seeking You in all persons and in all things ….

But especially in our children…

the loves of our lives…

We love, because You, my One Love Jesus, Grace and Gift, Beloved as I am beloved By You….because You loved us First

I seek, I long for You Jesus, even as You have already arrived….and with Mary, I let go…

With hands open wide….. to seek, to long once again.

“Where must we seek?
Everywhere- in everyone.

How must we seek?
With faith and courage and limitless love.

First of all, by faith.” –The Reed of God

I bend low and kiss Your sweet face,  my One Love Jesus, as I re-live, in my heart, all of the kisses and tears of JOY drenched down upon my beautiful children….

And with you Mother Mary,


I open my hands….


And let go…into the heart of Jesus, who forever seeks out my heart…wanting to love me into forever!


I love you Jenn, Kris, and John and our beautiful grandchildren…

With my one love always and forever John…IMG_1047

Everything is Grace,

the wee one

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One Response to With Hands Open Wide

  1. Sandra says:

    yet again, with your incredible gift, you speak to me, for me, if me.
    I, too, feel the sadness of the day after Christmas.
    All the preparations, planning, purchasing, papering, it is done.
    All the paper gone.
    The presents put away.
    The day spent celebrating, over.
    How do i recapture the joy?
    With hands wide open, i anticipate
    The New Year.
    I love you and your gift that i can open every day.
    Thank you.

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